Photographer & Owner


Hi there. I’m Samuel. I’m a hobby photographer that decided to turn a passion into a business with Samuel Studio & Defiant Boudoir. I see photography as an art, and I love finding ways to capture beautiful things and unique moments in interesting and creative ways. If I can bring some of that art into your life, I’m happy to do that. Defiant Boudoir is about empowerment, beauty, confidence, and being defiant in the face of anyone or any thought that tells you your anything less than amazing.

 I’m easy to work with, friendly, warm and personable, and love to build new long term personable client relationships, and I look forward to building ours.

Featured Work Samples

It's time you remembered how beautiful you are.

Don't let anyone tell you your not beautiful. Your amazing just the way you are. Let's capture what makes you unique and give you a renewed confidence in your own beauty.